Connecting the dots between small business and digital solutions

Digital Solutions Company + Small Business = UGH! Media, LLC

Welcome to UGH! Media, LLC

Simplified marketing advice + digital solutions for small business

First and foremost, our goal is to help you figure out where your online business improvements need to happen. After that, we connect the dots between your website, social profiles, SEO or another digital asset and optimize from there.

Whether you’re implementing SEO for the first time, trying to understand social media or need a different perspective on technical stuff, we get it. Playing “digital guessing games” while trying to learn something new (like SEO) and meeting tight deadlines = NO fun!

We’re a Digital Solutions Company, Not a Digital Marketing Firm

Behind the scenes, UGH! Media delves into continuous research (follow us on Twitter and watch for new polls in 2018) and advocates for small business digital transformation. Another one of our goals is to help make digital optimization for small business easier to understand and more affordable.

How We’re Different

Assisting small businesses to better succeed in the online arena is what fuels UGH! Media. However, don’t mistake us for another digital marketing services company! We switch it up with a more consultative approach. By using technology, research, and algorithms, it helps us to pinpoint what needs to be improved first. We also make it a priority to help you understand what’s going on. If you want, we can usually show you how to fix it too.

Ultimately, we’re giving digital solutions some long overdue mindfulness. Plus, being hands-on while keeping lines of communication open helps to reduce future confusion. You don’t want to have to fix something more than once (and neither do we)!

So How Does Digital Optimization Help Exactly?

By optimizing websites, SEO and social profiles you help assist search engines to detect your site better. When you’re more visible online, customers can find your business faster.

A few examples of how digital optimization helps, some questions you might have and what we talk about on the blog:

AND that’s not all!

The Process

First, we start with a quick chat on Skype. Then during our conversation, we discuss what you think needs to be improved. After that, we’ll perform an audit and get back to you with the results (no passwords necessary!)

Depending on website size, the number of social profiles and other factors a review takes 1 – 3 business days to complete.

Once the audit is complete, we’ll reach out to schedule an appointment to review. Then, we discuss the digital solutions that would best suit your situation. After that, we create a plan of action that fits your business needs.

Need More Tips or Info?

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