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About UGH! Media, LLC | Have Questions About Digital Optimization? | We Help Small Businesses "Connect the Dots" with SEO, Websites and Social Media

UGH! Media, LLC → Who Are We?

What do you get when you add a couple of futurists with a knack for analytics and an obsessive fascination with digital optimization (and transformation)? Plus, throw in a few computers/smartphones, a yearning for simplicity, honesty, undying love for the small business community (we grew up in them!), and a penchant for time-saving automation? You get UGH! Media, LLC of course!

What We Do

Website, SEO, and Social Optimization for small businesses are our game! UGH! Media is our name!

Here at UGH! Media we tirelessly/willingly/excitedly/exceedingly stay up-to-date on new tools and technology by attending conferences, training, research(ing), trend spotting, testing and helping small businesses with digital optimization/transformation.

Our goal is to help you save time, money and your sanity while simultaneously helping you to update your business — digitally! Now, we’re NOT talking about the new-computer-with-lots-of-wires-and-virtual-reality-projector kind of way (YAY!)

We’re talkin’ in the help-you-improve-upon-the-digital-“stuff”-that-you-have-already, sense. The ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to your site and increase revenues by making your small business more visible, user-friendly and connected. Simple enough?

Where Are We Located?

We assist small businesses throughout the USA and are a 100% online/remote company.

Why Remote Only?

We believe that Distance + Technology = Flexibility in regards to location and it also affords better work-life balance. We’ve also discovered that it saves time for clients too! No need for traffic jams while traveling to each other’s offices thanks to a nifty little tool called Skype!

Plus, one of our co-founders resides in NYC, and the other lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Phone VS. Skype Update

We no longer use the phone, because, well, Skype! Seeing a friendly face while talking about technical to-dos (with the option to share images of said tech stuff on Skype) is way more straightforward and bearable VS. No face NOR opportunity to share pictures in real-time over the telephone.

At the end of 2016, we switched everything to Skype, Slack, and Twitter (a growing number of clients find phone calls disruptive and prefer Skype/Slack), and ever since, no complaints! …Minus one person who wanted to ONLY speak over the phone, from an untraceable phone number — to sell us a “new type” of “credit card.” NO THANKS!

If you ever have any questions, send us a Tweet/DM on Twitter. To schedule an appointment or consultation, click on the Contact tab above.

How UGH! Media Came to Be

Our co-founders were both digital consultants before establishing UGH! Media. One of us worked in the digital marketing/online higher education sector, while the other was in website/game development. Throughout our consulting years, we kept learning, applying and testing new optimization techniques as social platforms and digital tools evolved. As we fine-tuned our skills (still learning!), we both saw an opportunity to mesh our skills, quit our day jobs and form a digital marketing/optimization firm. So in June 2016, we made the jump and created UGH! Media.

When Was UGH! Media Born?

From 2009-2016 we were independent (digital/virtual) contractors working with one another here and there. Then in June 2016, we decided to condense our skill sets, start something a bit larger, more meaningful for ourselves and even more helpful for the small businesses that we assist because, two (or more) brains are better than one!

Disclaimer: other factors came into play too

We wanted to work in an environment that embraced simplicity, appreciated REAL (fun) honesty and actively encouraged employees to continuously further develop their skill sets. Also, we know that it’s easier to work on this stuff (or anything for that matter) if you have a sincere passion and determination to be the best that you can be, at whatever it is that you want to do! AND be allowed to do so.

A Little About UGH! Media’s Owners


Picture of Jarred AndrewsHello! Digital marketing director and proud father of a pet Roomba, here! I’m passionate about #technology and helping the #smallbiz community find their digital voice.

From implementing new SEO strategies; CRO campaigns; troubleshooting; content creation and design; I strive to deliver robust and coordinated sales/marketing actions through strategy and data science.

I initially started in tech when I began working within the online higher education sector after graduating from college. During that same time, I was a freelancer helping small businesses with social media marketing optimization, sales, event coordination, digital transformation and process improvement. Over time my passion for digital marketing optimization surpassed what I could do in my previous field, so I made the jump and moved to freelancing full-time.

A few of my specialties:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Social Media
  • Trend-Spotting
  • User Experience
  • Website Optimization
  • Sales
  • Analytics
  • Brand Awareness
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns.
  • Bulleted Lists (joking)

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@JarredJAndrews) (@UGH_Media) and LinkedIn.


Picture of Ryan Andrews

I’m on the left.

Hi, everyone! Wanted to introduce myself and so you can put a name with the face (or Twitter Handle)! I’m a proud father and enjoy teaching them about things I know. Which would include simple repairs, animal care, video games and how to use their imagination.

As a kid, I became interested in computers and programming (hello, dot-com bubble!) Later on, I started doing freelance work that mostly consisted of setting up new websites for small businesses. As time went on, I eventually started becoming more and more interested in coding.

Aside from freelancing, I had also become interested in business management and gave it a go in college. Over time I changed direction and moved into the animal field (100% animal lover/rescuer/friend). In short, first came the retail phase and then, later on, I went back to college again and became a Veterinary Technician. However, the high burnout rate as a Vet Tech turned me into a statistic. It was a good thing though! I gained insight and a new perspective as to where I want to be, and the changes lead me back to my roots in computers and development. Full speed ahead!

Overall, I want to help struggling small business owners achieve a stable income so they can support their families (pets included!) and so they can give back and help out others too. No more empty promises from SEO experts of #1 on Google because anymore, that just isn’t enough to bring in happy, loyal customers.

I specialize in customer service, social media optimization, making websites faster, keyword research, SEO optimization, process improvement and CRO. As you can see, I like to take something that is already built and make it work even better.

You are welcome to connect with me on Twitter (@RyanJ_Andrews) (@UGH_Media).