Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan

Search Engine Optimization Service Package | 2 Options

Search Engine Optimization rundown: SEO helps websites to become visible in search engines results. For website posts and pages to show up in search results, content needs to meet specific requirements that are set by the search engines. In summary, there are set rules to follow to achieve these demands.

So the question is, have you already implemented SEO or are you looking to start?

SEO Service Options

Option 1 (SEO Package): for small businesses who are new to SEO and want to implement

SEO Pro Package (Option 2): for small businesses looking to improve upon future SEO

SEO Package | UGH! Media, LLC

Option 1

Whether you’re new to SEO or not, now is the time to start!

Before we begin, here’s a quick summary of how SEO works and why it takes so long to see results:

After implementing SEO techniques (there are many), search engines note (index) your website/pages/posts to begin tracking their performance over time. Next, as your audience interacts with your content, search engine algorithms detect and record the info, then they make calculations based on the SEO criteria you met and your rankings begin! After that, every so often, search engine bots come back to crawl your site and check for new/updated content.

Rinse and repeat.

Search Engine Optimization Misconception(s)

Being on the first page of search results can give businesses a significant advantage. However, SEO results take time, and they don’t often happen overnight.

The reason we say that it doesn’t happen often is, well, because…it doesn’t. However, on ONE particular occasion, we encountered a surprise. A day after implementing SEO on a clients website, we were working on additional keyword research. While researching, we noticed that the site had shown up ON THE FIRST PAGE (for one of the keywords)! How did the page get indexed that quick and how was it already showing on the 1st page?!

Well, the keyword was long-tail and not very common (organic dog food brand). It was also not used abundantly by other local businesses in the area. Plus, the search engine crawled AND indexed the page a couple of hours after we left that evening. There was also something with the full moon being eclipsed and ruled by Libra or something.

Was it was pure LUCK? Or (real) magic? A miracle? Seems like it! We’ve been working on SEO since 2009. Only time we’ve ever seen this!

So why do I see so many advertisements on how easy it is to get on the 1st page of search results within a day or two? How do they do that?

You know those ads that show up at the top of the page (before the search results)? That’s how! It’s called PPC, not SEO.

Here’s a quote about the difference between PPC and SEO: (Source: Google AdWords)

Improvements to your SEO can help your ranking on Google Search by making your page more relevant to users. Search listings are free, and no one can pay for a better ranking, because Google is committed to keeping our search content useful and trustworthy. (Learn more about our search policy here.)

PPC ads like Google AdWords are paid online advertisements which appear next to relevant searches and other content on the web. Running a Google AdWords campaign does not help your SEO rankings, despite some myths and claims. However, PPC ads can be helpful in connecting with a wider audience online.

Quick Tip

For new websites (before SEO): Baby steps! Make sure that your site is secure, connected and optimized while at the same time, keeping your audience in mind at ALL times. Once you do that, work toward consistently adding more quality content to your site and then implementing/optimizing SEO over time.

Ready to start implementing SEO? Read on!

SEO Service Package (Option 1)

The SEO Package is for small businesses who are looking into creating a new website (or have recently created one) and need to implement SEO. Many new companies don’t know where to start, and that’s where we come in!

First, we’ll have a quick chat to figure out your goals and discuss your concerns. After our meeting, we perform a website audit (no password required!). Once the review is complete (about 2 – 7 businesses days) we’ll let you know the results, then come up with a plan of action and take it from there.

Quarterly SEO Package

  • SEO Review and implementation
  • Keyword planning help for future content and SEO
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Monthly Progress Report

Yearly SEO Package

  • SEO Review and implementation
  • Keyword planning advice for future content and SEO
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Quarterly Reports

NOTE: If you already have a website and have worked on SEO in the past, but want to optimize further ↓ (see below!)

SEO PRO Package | UGH! Media, LLC

Option 2

Optimizing Search Engine Optimization for Already Established Websites

Whether you’re new to Search Engine Optimization or not, it can be a headache keeping track of search engine updates, new settings, strategies, etc. If you’ve already launched a website and have seen the benefits of SEO implementation, but are now noticing a drop in activity, let us know that too! Overall, UGH! Media’s SEO Pro Package is here to help!

What to Expect

UGH! Media, LLC strives to keep everything simple and straightforward, including our digital optimization campaigns. Let’s face it; this stuff can be difficult to grasp, so why make it harder? When things are streamlined, and communication remains open, everyone is happier. Plus, projects run better and learning is a bit easier too!

Before we start any project, we have a quick chat to discuss your goals and concerns. After our virtual chat, we perform a website audit (no passwords necessary!) to help determine what the main priorities are. Next, we decide on a plan together and then take it from there!

What the Pro Package provides

The SEO Pro Package is for small businesses looking to refresh their Search Engine Optimization campaigns and improve it for the future because search engine standards are in constant flux. By updating your strategy every so often and staying up-to-date on SEO trends, it’ll be easier for you to decide on the next action to take. To add, we understand that SEO can play a huge part in an overall optimization strategy for your business. So we pay close attention to what seems to be working on your site, what doesn’t, listen to your feedback and keep on optimizing from there!

Quarterly SEO Pro Package

  • Weekly maintenance
  • Bi-weekly summaries
  • Advanced keyword search and suggestions for future content
  • Local SEO/Competitor Research
  • Monthly Report

Yearly SEO Pro Package

  • Weekly maintenance
  • Weekly summaries
  • Advanced keyword search and suggestions for future content
  • Local SEO/Competitor Research
  • Monthly Report
  • Quarterly Report