What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Social Media Optimization: What it's all about and where to start

What IS Social Media Optimization? If you’re not sure, then this post is for you! Below we’ll break down some of the essential parts, share a few strategies, give you a few tips, and show you where to start.

The Lowdown on Social Media Optimization (AKA: SMO)

So what is Social Media Optimization? Well, the whole point is to fine-tune (multiple areas of) a social media profile, ensure all info is up-to-date, consistent across your other networks, and connected to your website!

If you’re familiar with the ever-changing settings on social media networks and how to connect the dots between websites, analytics, etc., then you’re in good shape! If you sort of (?) know how to use social, that’s a good thing too! Hang in there! It’ll start making sense shortly.

Bad(ish) News First!

What you may not want to hear: EVERYONE thinks that they “know” social media. And a lot of people do (from a personal profile standpoint), but when it comes to social media marketing for business — not so much! If you’ve been down the social marketing path before, then you know that it takes time to understand how each platform works, the context in how information gets shared on each network, boatloads of research, consistent tracking, and last but not least, testing.

Another major misconception is that most companies believe that they’ve optimized their social media profiles because they’ve spent HOURS “fine-tuning” and setting up their profiles. In a nutshell, busy doesn’t = productive when you don’t know what you’re doing! No offense!

To get right to the point: optimizing social media isn’t about filling in the profile info, waiting for the audience to pour in and then move on to the next thing.

SMO happens over time! Yes, you need to make sure the right info is in your bio, and that logos and cover photos are in the correct places, but that’s not it! You first need to figure out if you’re selecting the proper social network for your business. After that, get a social media marketing plan together based on an overall goal, figure out which KPIs to measure (and if you can measure them efficiently based on the tools you have) to reach that goal. Next, you need to track what works and what doesn’t over time. Then figure out what needs to get omitted, refreshed or created based on those results. Lastly, rinse, and repeat until you hit your goal!

Some Good News!

Keep in mind that no matter what, social media optimization is not there to judge! It exists to help make your social presence better! Keep in mind that some things may work for some companies while on the other hand, those same tactics or strategies won’t work for others. It’s all about planning, implementing, researching and testing!

Grow your following

Consistency is key!

From our experience, when a company is looking for social media optimization services they’re looking for a sounding board, 2nd opinion, learning new techniques or for social media management services. All good things! However, social media optimization doesn’t manage your social media. It’s there to help you improve upon what you’ve already implemented. It also helps with future planning and figuring out what your focal points should be over time. Overall, ensure your brand is utilizing each platform based on what it has to offer.

Here at UGH! Media, LLC we don’t offer social media management services because we strive to make it easier for small companies to learn how to manage content on their own and develop strategies that are unique to their business. Look at it this way. When initially creating a social campaign, who can capture your brand’s voice better than you? Plus, if you have in-house staff familiar with your business (who can keep an eye on social channels) it can lead to faster and more personalized replies. On top of that, social media management services can cost thousands of dollars per month! Save time and money by optimizing upon what you already have. Once your social presence grows to the point where you need assistance, hire a social media manager. Until then, we can help you to figure out where you’re falling short, give suggestions on how to improve your social media profiles (to drive more traffic to your site) and even research how your social profiles stack up against competitors.

In the meantime, start with these tips!

Get everything organized! Read or reply to any unread messages. Start answering messages from this week and keep moving forward from there. It’s up to you! Not sure what to say? Think about how you would reply to their question in person.

Resize your images based on the suggested dimensions for photos on social media! There are many simple online tutorials to learn how to properly scale images and ensure that quality doesn’t get sacrificed.

Make sure that profile info is consistent across ALL social networks and double check that your contact info is current!

A Little Something Else

Create a Content CalendarNow that you’re looking even better, we can get to planning! To save time, create a spreadsheet and assign a row (or tab) for each social media profile. Next, label the rows across the top by the week, weekday or month (whichever is currently more feasible for your business). Now brainstorm topics that you’re planning to post about and note them in the columns below. Try to come up with as many topics as you can. From there, break down your topic list even further by adding posting dates, when a first draft is due, etc. The goal is to reverse engineer a posting schedule, so you get a content creation timeline down to a science. It takes time to create but will start making sense as you go through the process and figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Until Next Time

So there you have it, a quick rundown on what is social media optimization, a few tips, and where to start! If you’re looking for more info on how to optimize your social media, check out this post: Social Media Marketing Tools to Use in 2018!

In the meantime, stay tuned for additional UGH! Media blog posts! We post a new blog every Monday on practical digital solutions that’ll help you connect the dots within all of your digital optimization/transformation needs!

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